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Suboxone is a prescription’s brand name for a medication that is used to treat individuals who have a mild to severe addiction to illegal and prescription opioids. The main ingredients of Suboxone primarily contain both buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is often referred to as a narcotic. Still, it is more medically known as a partial opioid agonist that is designed to block the opiate receptors and reduce the user’s different urges.


The second ingredient is naloxone, which assists in the reversal of the many various effects that come from consuming opioids. Both of these ingredients were combined to create the drug Suboxone. This drug is designed to decrease the severity of symptoms seen to be associated with an addiction to opioids.

It is undoubtedly true that Suboxone is fully capable of helping to manage the many symptoms of withdrawal that occur during opioid detox. More importantly, though, it is not just some magic medication, so it is vital for the right and most appropriate treatment option to be found to avoid any further suffering. Different forms of counseling and therapy that we offer at Stone Ridge Recovery in Laguna Hills can help target the underlying reason why the opioid use had started.

Our team is consistently striving to find new and innovative ways to cope with the amount of pain and stress that comes from overcoming opioid addiction. Suboxone treatment will offer relief to our patients who are going through the detox process. Reach out to our exclusive Laguna Hills addiction treatment facility today where one of our rehab specialists can provide the information you need to see if Suboxone is an excellent treatment option for your situation.

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Addiction Treatment Using Suboxone

Similar opioid replacement medications require a written prescription from a specialized treatment center professional. However, a prescription for Suboxone can be written and obtained by any doctor with a current license to practice. Many individuals will use Suboxone during the beginning stages of treatment. It is also common for treatment center patients to continue using the drug throughout the recovery program.

Our addiction specialists and professionals at our luxurious Laguna Hills treatment facility work with each patient individually to create a structured, personalized treatment plan. Having all hands on deck during this process helps ensure that the smartest and most effective treatment decisions are made. With only the recovery of the specific patient in mind.

It is relatively common for doctors to prescribe Suboxone for addictions to quick and short-acting opioids such as forms of heroin and other prescription painkillers. For the longer-acting opioids, though, the use of Suboxone for treatment is typically not recommended. As an alternative, many people are seen to use a medication that contains only buprenorphine.

The phase of withdrawal is what establishes the initial Suboxone use. During this early stage is when the various symptoms of withdrawal can be the most uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. When used correctly, Suboxone significantly helps alleviate, and in some cases, eliminate most of the opioid withdrawal symptoms. Then, while the patient is under the constant supervision of one of our medical professionals, the treatment process proceeds to move from the initial withdrawal phase to the next stage of maintenance. Upon the completion of treatment, one of our doctors will begin the process of reducing the doses that are taken until the use of Suboxone is no longer needed.

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Is Suboxone Addictive?

The effects caused by the use of Suboxone are most often seen to be mild. The drug is known to have a relatively slow onset, while the drug’s duration is extended. Naturally, working this way makes Suboxone less addictive than heroin, morphine, and possibly many other opioids depending on the individual. 

Based on studies conducted by the National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment, reports have shown that the risk of becoming addicted to Suboxone is relatively low. The same organization also goes on to mention that despite the use of Suboxone in maintaining opioid dependence, any dependency can be resolved by carefully tapering the dose gradually as the patient continues to show progress during treatment.

It is, however, crucial to understand that those individuals who choose to use Suboxone during treatment are certainly more vulnerable to developing an opioid addiction than someone who is not. Most will quickly follow the possibility and risks of becoming addicted will increase when the substance being used leads to feelings of pleasure.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has published material stating that about 23 percent of those who have developed an opioid addiction reported that heroin was the root cause. Suboxone has quickly become one of the more common choices when treating opioid dependencies. The use of Suboxone is widely considered to be a safe treatment as long as there is an underlying health complication such as:

  • Uses other illegal drugs
  • Drinks alcohol regularly
  • Uses any other medications that may slow breathing

The suppression of the often brutal withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings can all be benefits when using Suboxone correctly. When considering treatment options for an addiction to opioids that you, a family member, or other loved one is suffering from, call the treatment experts at Stone Ridge Recovery to determine if Suboxone could be a beneficial form of treatment that can begin today. We confidently prepare individuals for long-term therapies that support a fresh start and a healthier future.


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Sometimes it may seem like there is no way out of addiction, but here is the good news, TREATMENT WORKS! With the right resources, the possibility of recovery is guaranteed, and you can begin to lead a rich and full life while continuing to be free of addiction once more. The first step is to seek detox, cleansing the body, and mind of the harmful effects of addiction, and that is something we can provide at Stone Ridge Recovery.

No matter the extent of your addiction, the time you spend at our Detox Facility in Laguna Hills will be a peaceful time, a time of healing, and a significant chance for you to jump start your new life, free from addiction and its effects.